Small Group Personal Training (SGPT), A PT experience at a fraction of the cost...

Our SGPT classes are for everybody! Each class can be tailored to your fitness levels and abilities. From beginner to advanced . 

The first time in a gym class can be a daunting experience, meeting new people ,learning new exercises and even trying to remember the reps! Rest assured our coaches will help you every step of the way and make sure you are comfortable with every exercise you are doing!

Our SGPT classes are designed not only to make you look and feel great but to make you stronger in your daily life! To give you more energy to tackle work or to run after the kids! We are here to push you in all the right ways to make sure you get the most out of your sessions!

Our small group class allows our highly qualified coaches to give you a professional coaching experience. This will ensure your movements are correct and that you are under the watchful eye of your coach each lift.  

Our classes are designed to build you up so that you feel         empowered to come back again and again!

SGPT classes are constructed with everyday life in mind. Our Classes are programmed  which gives our clients weekly and monthly goals within their session. This allows them to see real progress in their strength and fitness levels without  focusing on the scales or appearance!

Structure of the class consists of a warm up , main lift (ie squat , hinge , push or pull movement) , a secondary phase ( smaller muscle group exercises for a full body workout ) and to finish we have our Metcon ending  to work on our cardiovascular fitness!

In our programme we use movements that will help you gain strength in parts of the body that need it most. 

For example: If you work 9 to 5 sitting at a computer all day we will incorporate movements to strength the upper back and improve posture. 

If you work a high demanded job hon your feet all day we will work on key movements in the legs to ensure stability and strength for long hours!

Focusing on these movements rather than the scales gives our members a positive outlook on training and results in physique will naturally come with our programme.

Our system has worked time and time again to build confident happy individuals!