If you’re new to training, coming back from injury or have specific needs, 1-1 Personal Training is for you.

The concept of 1-1 Personal Training is to help you gain confidence, increase mobility, strength and get fitter.

In time you will be able to advance to Group Sessions with a lot more confidence and ability.

1-1 PT is specialised: time dedicated to the you alone, so limited spaces are available. 


Each Personal Training client will be contacted by and screened by one of our highly qualified trainers.

This initial phase is very important as it gives our trainers a very good insight into what you, the client needs to prioritise and how you will go about that process.

Having a Personal Trainer coach you through your entire sessions and answer any questions related to health and fitness that you may have is extremely valuable for people on all different points on their fitness journey!

If you're at the beginning of your fitness journey, an investment into Personal Training will boost your confidence and knowledge.

If you are an intermediate or more experienced lifter or athlete, investing in your personal performance and nutrition analysis can put you ahead or help you break past those plateaus!

Not only are you getting the personalised training program and coaching, the attention to detail in your movement and progress, you will also have direct accountability to someone.

Accountability can be our downfall at times, with training, nutrition and lifestyle habits and we are here to help!

We also will include 1 optional (free) cardio class per week once you are fit to join in!

Contact us to schedule your 1-1 PT start date.


If you have any questions or queries please email or message below.

[email protected]

085 753 1207