Rocky Fitness HQ


Rocky Fitness is located at Beechlawn Industrial Complex, Unit 3, Greenhills Rd, Walkinstown, Dublin 12. Clients gain access to the building through the front of the building and they can leave through the back.

The gym is a 5500 square foot facility. It is also located off the Walkinstown roundabout, which gives quick and easy access to many busy suburbs located in the surrounding regions. The gym is fully equipped to give 20 people their own squat rack and station during their session. The building is made up of two office spaces, a physiotherapist clinic, the gym, and male and female bathrooms. An outdoor area is also available to use.

Here is a brief overview of the equipment available in the gym:
• Squat racks x20
• Dumbbells (2-30KG)
• Kettlebells (8-32KG)
• Barbells (21 Olympic barbells)
• Plates (5-25KG)
• Exercise mats
• Plyometric Boxes x6
• TRX Bands
• Benches x12
• Lat pulldown machine
• Assault bike X2
• Rower x3
• Ski-erg x3
• Bike-erg x2
• Resistance bands

Venue Details

How to Find Us

Rocky Fitness will be located in Walkinstown, Dublin 12. This a large suburb of Dublin. It is also home to the largest roundabout in Ireland. This makes it extremely accessible from the surrounding areas.

We are located next to the famous Brennan’s Bread warehouse.

The demographics of the area range from busy industrial estates to a array of public and private housing estates. The gym is located just 500 metres away from the Walkinstown roundabout. Which has direct routes leading to Tallaght, Drimnagh, Crumlin, Clondalkin, Terenure and Rathfarnham. This makes it very accessible for clients based all over the surrounding areas.

The local area has excellent and modern roads, footpaths, and lighting. Rocky Fitness will look to offer a greater quality of service as well as a professional coaching experience.

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